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Lovely, James, thank you. This:

'...what’s behind the craft, the source, the space which sparks the work, the feel of the thing needing to be expressed. There’s a brokenness there too. Ted Hughes said that all great poems come from a wound. I don’t know what he meant by great, but I think a worthwhile piece of art has to move us and what moves us most is the brokenness of things. There’s so much that’s broken, so little time for reparation. This is built into the system. It’s why so many artists find it hard to survive, because survival is a constant act of reparation.'

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I found you on Notes and I’m so glad! I live in the north woods in the upper reaches of the U.S, where there’s no such thing as narrow boats, but I’ve binge-watched so many shows about them this feels very familiar.

I love your writing style and can’t wait to follow along.

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